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Executive Summary

enModus is a Smart Buildings Technology Company that enables the monitoring, control and internet connectivity of any device that is mains powered. They have pioneered a powerline technology called Wattwave, that leverages the existing cabling infrastructure in a building.

In order to enable easy commissioning of a new lighting system, enModus wanted to build an app that would help the users of their lighting hardware accurately record the mapping between lighting fixture location and ID of the smart lighting device. However, before embarking on the build they first invested in some discovery workshops with Calvium.


enModus had already identified that commissioning a new lighting system was a difficult task. Calvium therefore suggested that before jumping into development, it would be preferable to run a discovery workshop to explore the problem space better and adopt an agile approach to evolving a solution.  

How Calvium Helped

Using our Experience Design Framework, we worked closely with enModus to understand more about their current users, contexts and issues in present-day commissioning. Following this workshop we were able to identify stakeholders, user roles and user stories to consider when creating the app.  Using those user stories, we were able to propose a solution that offered a minimum viable product.  

Experience Design Framework


The result of the discovery workshop was that Enmodus had a much clearer understanding of what they wanted to build. Following the workshop, we could fully specify the UX/UI design for the app. Following this, we worked with EnModus to create Lumitor; enModus’ latest client offering.

The discovery workshop with Calvium helped us focus on the real issues, solve problems in a creative way and help us develop an idea which will have true competitive advantage

Andy Heaton, Founder & CEO, enModus

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