The Guardian Launches “Streetstories”


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Calvium Team

Calvium Team


We’re happy to announce that The Guardian has launched it’s first AppFurnace app, “Streetstories”, which encourages you to explore the area around King’s Cross and uncover 70 original stories of the history, culture and people that have made the area what it is, from Charles Dickens to the 90’s clubbing scene.

Guardian Streetstories: Screen 1 Guardian Streetstories: Screen 2 Guardian Streetstories: Screen 3

Working with Francesca Panetta we were able to develop a system that would mix and play layers of ambient sounds, speech and music according to particular rules. We created a system that allowed the audio production team to upload recordings, draw regions on a map and attach the audio files to those regions. Our system made sure that the resulting experience for users walking around the Kings Cross area was as Fran intended, a seamless mix of sounds and stories automatically triggered as you walk and unique to each individual.

The Guardian created the multi-layered sound experience within Streetstories with the AppFurnace development tools. The creative team marked interesting locations around King’s Cross on an online map and associated them with layers of ambient sounds, music and spoken stories. They then worked with AppFurnace developers to customise the built-in audio engine with sophisticated fading, merging and playback rules to create a final experience that is unique to each user of the app.

You can download the app from the Apple App Store or Android’s Google Play, and if you are interested in us developing an app production environment for your business please get in touch.

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