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Visitor Experience

The Place Experience App attracts people to a destination, provides a unique experience when there and encourages repeat visits. 

Visitors love having the unique tales of a town, wayfinding and up-to-date information – all in one place!


Plan a trip

You don’t have to be at a destination to experience it. People can explore a place before they go by using the App. They can move around the routes they might like to visit and stop off at some places where they might choose to dwell. 

This personalised visitor experience helps people to choose your destination and plan their unique experience of it.

Enjoy the destination

Following a route that presents visitors with immersive stories of a local cinema’s glittering past, tells tales of current day public art and provides glimpses into community life provides visitors with a deeply engaging experience that they won’t find elsewhere.

As visitors walk around the town, guided by the Place Experience App, they drop into local cafes and shops that are off the beaten path – building a strong relationship with the destination as a result.

Reflect with friends

Back at home, visitors can relive their adventure through the App and show their friends around the destination.

Their friends can download the same App to plan their own special trip – becoming your next visitors.

Bespoke storytelling about the destination and themed trails for visitors to follow provides a responsive and personalised visitor experience.

Up-to-date information about the place ensures an efficient and easy visitor experience.

Integration with a destination’s marketing collateral, enables a seamless brand experience.

“Place Managers can provide meaningful, sustainable and valuable experiences to support local visitor economies.”

Jo Reid, MD, Calvium

Place Manager Experience

The easy to use and flexible Place Management System puts control of the visitor experience in the hands of place managers.

Improve the place experience for all stakeholders

If visitor overcrowding and hot-spots are persistent problems then you now have the power to improve the place experience for visitors, residents and the business community.

Reveal your place’s uniqueness

Now you can create new ways for visitors to move around and interact with a place. They might choose a ‘playful’ or ‘wellbeing’ route, ‘Georgian architecture’ or ‘rivers and nature’ – or any other themes that make your destination special.

Support your place economy

While visitors encounter the heritage, culture and communities of less trodden areas, critically, they are supporting the economies of these places.

Supports economies of less visited areas by encouraging visitors to move around the location in a guided way.

Draws visitors away from bottlenecks that: cause long wait times and clustering, strain infrastructure and damage assets.

Enables visitor experiences to be changed easily and quickly, according to destination needs and growth strategies.

Simple, reliable and easy to use, puts control in the hands of place managers.


“By harnessing the power of digital technologies to drive place-based recovery and growth, the overall experience of visitors, communities and businesses will be significantly improved.”

Dr. Jo Morrison
Director of Innovation and Research, Calvium

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