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This page is here to coordinate the efforts of the admins and trusted users involved in watching file uploads. Participating users are asked to put their name (sign with three or four tildes) in front of a time range in the register below when they want to commit themselves to either watch the uploads real time during this time range or check the uploads of this time range afterwards.

The aim of this project is to avoid having too many copyright violations and other problematic files arriving on Commons unspotted. This activity may not be suitable for minors or the faint-hearted.

Screenshot of the Commons Upload Patrol tool

What to do[edit]

During your "watch", check uploads for doubtful files. When necessary, tag files as missing source or permission, nominate for deletion or for speedy deletion, or to be named descriptively. Also, look for quality uploads and don't hesitate to nominate pictures for QI, VI or FP status, especially when they come from new users. This both promotes our subprojects and encourages users to get involved.

  • All times are UTC.
  • Admins and trusted users will be not held liable for unspotted problematic files during their "watch".


Here is a quick checklist you may use to indicate if an uploader should be given the autopatrol right to save those from the patrolbacklog.

  • User is autoconfirmed (ie. account is 4+ days old and has at least 50 contributions (edits and/or uploads))
  • User included the essential information on any and all recent uploads (there is no missing source, author and/or license)
  • User knows about the proper dateformat and uses it
  • There is no reason to believe this user is falsly claiming Own work (for example on scans, or close-up photographs of copyrighted material (such as logos, manuals or printed media)
Request autopatrol status here for the user
Note: In contrast to MediaWiki's own patrol system, the CUP-tools treats autopatrol status retroactive. Which means that uploads made prior to the assignment of the autopatrol right will be patrolled instantly also.